VOIP IP PBX Provider- Questions to Ask

VOIP IP PBX Provider- Questions to Ask When Considering a VOIP IP PBX

Here are some questions to ask your potential VOIP IP PBX Provider if you are considering such a system.

Toronto VOIP IP PBX Provider Questions

1. Is a long term contract necessary ?

2. Outline your startup costs beyond implementation and equipment charges?

3. What are the costs of usage not covered by your plan? Do they include international long-distance connection fees?

4. Can your VOIP IP PBX handle outgoing and incoming faxes or do I need a separate 1FL circuit? Do I need any separate equipment?

5. Can I use my existing hardware such as analog or key switch phones?

6. What kind of integration is there for remote offices or home based workers?

7. Do you guarantee a quality of service? If so how ?

8. How upgradable and scalable is the VOIP IP PBX system you are proposing? Is it modular ?

9. Explain your solution to local 411,911 and emergency services? How are they supplied?

10. As an existing VOIP IP PBX Provider outline how many customers are on your switch, where is it located and what are the backup and disaster recovery plans you have in place.

VOIP IP PBX Provider

Toronto-based VOIP IP PBX Provider Codefusion Communications

If you want any further questions to ask or you are seeking an experienced Toronto VOIP IP PBX provider in the Greater Toronto area please call Jeff Brodie or his staff at Codefusion Communications Inc.. They are a Microsoft and Altigen Partner and have been in operation over 10 years with many VOIP IP PBX systems installed across Canada and the Unites States as well as internationally.

With your Toronto VOIP IP PBX Provider of choice discover what opportunities exist for flexibility and cost savings .

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