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A quick note about Voice over IP, Toronto VOIP.

Guest Post by Jeff Brodie

Everybody is VoIPing according to Vonage. And your grandmother VoIPs, you VoIP, your business VoIPs. Did you know that Bell Rogers, TELUS, AT&T, all of those companies are VoIPing. What’s the big deal with VoIP? Why would you want to VoIP? That’s a good question.

Everybody thinks that Voice over IP is miraculously going to eliminate your long distance bills. Well, to some degree, that’s true. Voice over IP has flattened the world. But let’s see, where else is the world becoming flat. Your cell phone packages generally include unlimited long distance or can include unlimited long distance across your continent. So, North America calling, Canada calling, United States calling, all for one flat fee.

They’re also bringing one flat fee to your home phone lines, bundling in either unlimited calling or a set number of minutes that most homeowners would never use. Businesses are getting bundled long distance as well. So if it’s only about saving money, is there a better way? Is there another reason that would drive business owners to look at Voice over IP? The answer to that, you’ll find out in a moment.

Let’s think about this. If Voice over IP is only about saving money from what you spend on long distance, is there really a compelling reason for you to look any further? Maybe not. But Voice over IP really is a tool that’s going to drive productivity for organizations.> Think about this. Today, the only way you can get your telephone calls is if you’re in the office or maybe have some call forwarding scheme or follow me scheme where the calls can come out and track you down on your cellphone. That’s great. Toronto VOIP really does increase productivity by reducing the amount of time lost in productivity by calling in, picking up voicemail, returning calls, leaving voicemail and the entire chase that goes on in voicemail tag.

So what does Voice over IP do for Toronto businesses? Well, if we replace our traditional telephone system that has wires hanging off and each phone is physically connected to a system in your office and physically connected to your telephone company, and we put in a system that is now connected digitally to your office over Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP. It plugs into your network. It’s connected to your internet connection, perhaps even your telephone company connects to you over the internet as well. There are private internet connections that are specifically designed to guarantee the quality of your Voice over Internet Protocol communications. Your digital internet communications are guaranteed with these providers.

Now, we put in a digital telephone system, Voice over IP, and we connect it to our telephone company and now our handsets are plugged in to the network. And you ask, “So, big deal.” That’s really the way my phone system works now. Ah, but now, you can take that phone, put it on your computer or take that hard phone and tuck it in your briefcase and go home and plug it in, point it back to your office with a couple of settings, perhaps on your firewall. Your technical geniuses will make things work for you. You now have a phone from your office. That’s right, a physical telephone that rings. You pick it up and your voice transmits over it. You make and receive calls just like you’re sitting in the office. That’s the value of Voice over IP,Toronto VOIP.
Toronto VOIP

Toronto VOIP Anywhere

So, you can now operate your office anywhere. Starbucks, your den, maybe in Europe when you’re spending the summer there. You’re making and receiving phone calls. So rather than being away from the office for an extended period of time or worst yet, being away for an extended period of time and using an expensive international telephone with the international phone bills and thinking of the thousands and thousands of dollars that organization rack up every month on high cost of communications. People just don’t work that way.

So let’s look at this. Is there a better way? Yes, there is, and it’s here today with Toronto VOIP. And it’s actually, let me tell you my friends, it’s been here for the last seven or eight years. I’ve been doing it personally myself. I have a phone in my den. I’m able to be in the office whenever I choose, wherever I choose, and it’s a convenience for me but it’s also a convenience for my clientele. They call me, I answer the phone. It doesn’t matter where I am. The phone conversation is the same.

So Voice over IP is really about a productivity tool. If you want to talk about going green, everybody is talking about saving the environment, reducing our carbon impact, our footprint. Well, Voice over IP is another enabler for us to eliminate some of our carbon footprint. Think about this. Your people hop in their cars everyday or get on public transit everyday and go into your office. Why? So they can sit down on a computer keyboard and pick up the phone.

Now, think about this. These are your trusted employees, people that you’ve hired and you trusted to do work for you. You know they are good workers and you know what they are up to. So think about this. If their office was in their home and they didn’t have to commute, that would be better for the environment, both our earth environment as well as this person’s personal environment. Think about the time that they get back to spend with their family, time that’s lost in commuting back and forth.

Yes Toronto VOIP ( Voice over IP) can be a tool that will enable this and allow people to leverage this productivity. So think about this. Voice over IP is more than just cheap long distance. It’s a productivity tool for businesses and people in general. Make your businesses work better, work more efficient.

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